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Valentine’s Day proposal

Are you thinking of proposing this Valentine’s day?

Here are some creative ideas to help you to think outside of the box for kicking off your wedding journey

Surprise them

There are many romantic activities that could precede your proposal such as going to an overnight spa, a vineyard or for a hot air balloon ride. However, whatever you choose to do, we would recommend the element of surprise to make this day as memorable as possible. Be adventurous and arrange something out of the ordinary like booking a dance class.  You could for instance, also ask the dance instructors to help you choreograph a special number with your surprise proposal at the end.


A great time to pop the question is after your partner is all pampered out. Couples appreciate a soul mate that listens and makes time to enjoy the things that they love together. Make a note of all the stuff that they like to do and ask their friends and family if they agree. Then for your proposal, create an experience that includes some of their favourite places, activities and dining experiences. Before Valentine’s Day, a good way to gain ideas is to create a bucket list of activities with your lover.

Recreate one of your best ever dates

Let your significant other think that you are meeting up with a large group of friends. Then surprise them by arriving someplace special for just the two of you to take a trip down memory lane. By proposing earlier and beginning the night with your proposal you can both celebrate for the rest of the evening.


Stars are definitely romantic and blankets and champagne will add to the ambience.  A great way to cuddle up and enjoy the night sky in February is to visit a planetarium. Why not find out if there is a way to spell out “Will You Marry Me?” in the sky during for that added element of magical surprise.

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Shop for rings together

Visit some jewellery shops and choose a few rings that your partner may like. Treat your loved one to brunch nearby and then after proposing you can spend some quality time choosing your rings together. This could be followed by a surprise engagement party on the day or in the near future.

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