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Hire our fabulous Unidome

Amazing clear Unidome structures for hire

These versatile and visually striking popup structures are ideal for various events and environments.

This clear dome-like structure has a super modern aesthetic and allows light to penetrate the space.

hire luxury unidome glamping uk



Our Unidomes are made from a high-quality frame made from superior hardwood with a laminate and feature clear fabric and durable wooden flooring.

The structure offers a choice of sliding or zipdoors, a connecting tunnel, and the option for personalized branding and privacy curtains. This distinctive structure is a proud part of the Unidome heritage, and is born from years of meticulous design evolution and refinement.

Contact us to discuss how these dynamic hospitality spaces can add sophistication to your outdoor entertaining experience!

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luxury unidome glamping hire uk

Luxury festival, wedding  and party accommodation

Our accommodation has been developed using our many years experience in the entertainment industry.

We have worked with clients that include the largest festivals in the UK through to much smaller private events like weddings and birthday parties. Our products are born out of these experiences. Check out our glamping gallery for more great photos

Contact us now to book with us.

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