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Luxury Safari Tent Unveiled

Last week we got a glimpse of our first safari tent being erected fresh out of production. This was the culmination of months of work for the team at Luxmode. Jonny and Tom have literally been dreaming of this momentand to see the brand new tent going up was an emotional experience. There is only so much you can imagine from a drawing board and the result was spectacular. The tent is made of high quality material and is a big step forward for the luxury camping market.

Standing much taller, wider and longer than traditional safari tents, this one leaves space for som much more in the way of furniture, dressings and not to forget the en-Suite bathroom at the back. Using 20 years experience in the festival and event industry, we hope to have covered every angle in terms of flexability, durability and comfort. The tent is large enough to be multi purpose and be used as a bedroom for entire families, a dinning room and many other options.

Unlike traditional tents of this kind, there is a more room to breathe and have a living room built at the end of your bed. As opposed to traditional safari tents used for glamping whereby there is barely enough room to walk down the side of a double bed. Here you can swing as many cats as you like.

Safari tent for private hire

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