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How to Glamp up your Wedding

We know how important your wedding day is so why not make it even better for you and your guests. At Luxmode we will help you make your wedding stand out from the crowd by providing you with a range of accommodation that will stay in your and your guests memory for years to come.

If you are looking for unique accommodation for just the bride and groom or the entire wedding party then you are in the right place. Our en Suite Safari tents are just the thing to make your big day run smoothly. We can set up an entire wedding village for you including: chefs, waiting staff, Dinning rooms, bars, family rooms, double rooms and even bunk rooms. All of our tents come with the option to have an en suite bathroom including hot shower without having to leave the warmth of the tent. No more stumbling in the dark trying to find your torch and shoes, these bathrooms are bigger and more luxurious than most hotel accommodation and inlcude shower, sink, toilet, mirror and other furnishings. We can even treat your guests to fresh flowers to make it smell fresh.

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This solution is ideal for anyone organising a wedding at a country house venue, castle, hotel with only a few rooms or even at home in the garden. Why ask you guetss to leave the festivities early or between the church and the evening meal. With your own wedding village everyone stays on site and can forget about the hastles of ordering a taxi or min bus back to their hotel. Family rooms can be arranged so that parents can keep an eye on their children who will be fast asleep metres from the entertainment. No need to worry about driving under the influence or indeed finding accommodation within thrity miles of the venue, keep your friends and family on your doorstep.

What makes this extra special is our ability and experience to cater to any number of guests and design something that fits your own personal style. Add in a few lanterns, fairy lights and drapes and you can even theme your wedding glamping village so it suits the style of the rest of the wedding.

Bride and groom need never leave their own wedding which is the best news of the lot, the party need never end. Picture fully catered accommodation a few minutes walk from where you are tying the knot. Keep your guests entertained for a whole weekend while you head off to your honeymoon and let your parents throw a lunch celebration the morning after.

Wether or not you are looking for a discrete hideaway for you and your new husband after the wedding or a festival type gathering to celebrate your wedding talk to us about how we can help.

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